About Me

My name is Rodger Scott. I like to create applications and tools using Clojure. Sometimes I get paid to do this, and that rules. I am an Emacs guy, but I would say that I am also VIM curious. I have been known to play a video game or two (sometimes at the exact same time), still try to get out and skateboard when I can, and spend the rest of my time hanging with my wife and kids.

Thanks for stopping by.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages


Networking Certifications

Expired April 2019

Student Projects

Pig Latin

Built with: HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Having three little ones running around, there are some times when you need to communicate in code. Armed with about a month of coding knowledge and a desire to actually produce something, I made this simple language conversion app. This project introduced me to regular expressions and allowed me to practice with basic conditional logic.


Built with: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Ahh Simon... the classic game of memory. This project was a bit tricky due to the timing of the computer turn, but after setting timeouts I was able to keep the game progressing as it should.


Built with: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

After completing a challenge to create scoring logic for a tic-tac-toe game, I figured I might as well make the actual tic-tac-toe game itself. Creating the basic board allowed me to practice working with 2d arrays, jQuery event methods, and I was able to apply a nested loop to come up with the "it's a draw" conclusion.

Weather App

Built with: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, APIs (Google Maps and

This project served as a great introduction to working with APIs, JSON, and jQuery Ajax requests. Using the geolocation functionality of the Google Maps API, I am able to retrieve the coordinates of a particular location and then pass them over to the OpenWeather API which then provides the JSON for me to parse through and display on the page.

Student Capstone

Kincurrently was the result of two weeks of intensive collaboration between my partner and I. The idea behind the application was to have a social media/task management system, targeted at families, to make event organizing and day-to-day life easier. This was a fantastic learning experience and my first opportunity to build a full-stack Java application. We utilized the Spring framework coupled with Thymeleaf to produce a fantastic little site that generated a bit of buzz following our demonstration. Although the site is no longer up, I certainly encourage you to check out the link below if you want to see the inner workings.

Kincurrently on Github